TenderMAX Pro – Tender Management Software

In our expense reduction and procurement projects we use, and recommend to clients who wish to upgrade their procurement systems, an Australian-developed software product called TenderMAX Pro. We are partners with DecisionMax Software which has developed specialised procurement and contract management tools for procurement professionals.

TenderMax Pro is the most functionally advanced, fully automated Tender Lifecycle Management system available for procurement.

Traditional paper-based systems still remain the most common processes used across industry and government for the production, distribution, RFX completion and evaluation of tenders for goods and services. These traditional systems are labour intensive, slow and expensive compared to new streamlined automated systems such as TenderMAX Pro.

E-tendering, in the form of on-line tender boxes or supplier registration portals, is increasingly being used by government and industry. These on-line systems have resulted in measurable improvements in tender distribution and greater ease of access to tender opportunities for suppliers. However, most other elements of the tendering process are still essentially the same as they have been for decades.

A paradigm shift in tender lifecycle management has taken place since the introduction of TenderMAX Pro, which has rendered traditional paper-based tender management practices and processes (particularly for repetitive and complex, high-end tendering) obsolete.

Key Features And Functionality




Please call us for a demonstration of TenderMAX Pro.  For a preview of TenderMAX Pro software, please follow this link.