On-Line Supplier Portal – DMax Central

DMAX Central – On-Line Supplier Portal is a smart, end-to-end Internet based electronic tender management system. The Portal allows central purchasing departments to publish and efficiently manage their entire tendering process.

From creation of the tender and publication through to its receipt, analysis and award, DMAX Central has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of both public and private sector tendering.This is supported by a format that allows for both open tenders (public listed tenders) and closed tenders(tender that invite nominated organisation) to participate in selected tenders..

The On-Line Supply Portal uses a standard browser and the latest in security techniques to provide maximum management control, audit facilities and provides significant value for both traders and suppliers.


Tender Master

Purchasing Officers prepare their abstract and detailed ITT in a suitable word-processing program as normal using the TenderMaster software.This module makes it easy for the purchasing officer to create and publish an invitation to tender, at the same time ensuring that it meets regulatory or other guidelines on how the information must be submitted.It undertakes any necessary validation and performs rigorous data integrity and information checks before it allows a Notice or an Invitation to Tender to be published.Routing of tenders for final internal approval is offered where required..P

Once completed the Invitation to Tender abstract is published on a public Internet site whilst the more detailed information is published on a password protected site.Suppliers can browse the public area of the Internet site, and see abstracts of all ITTs; they can then request the detailed..

Tender Match

A key issue for suppliers is that they are notified of only those tenders that are relevant to them.With TenderMatch suppliers complete a detailed profile registering their preferences and criteria to receive invitations to tender.When tenders are issued that meet their profile they receive an automatic notification and are able to instantly access the invitation to tender notice.TenderMatch provides a more efficient notification process, which in turn can improve the quality of tenders received..

Tender Post

Once a tender response has been written by the supplier and is ready for submission TenderPost manages and automates the entire submission process securely.It allows suppliers to pack up their electronic tender documents (in word processed or other form), generate a tender summary of the key features, such as price, delivery lead times etc., encrypt the contents and digitally sign the package..

Once signed using it is transmitted across the Internet to the central TenderBox.The service is compatible with all standard programs used for document preparation and it is fast, easy to use and secure.Suppliers are automatically e-mailed an electronic receipt for their submissions and this receipt can be used to prove the time that they submitted their tender..

Tender Box

TenderBox is the central management core.Tenders are received from suppliers, the signature is checked, the contents stored securely.These uploaded tenders sit within the secure TenderBox until the closing date.When this date is reached the tenders are automatically opened and can be distributed to the appropriate purchasing officer and any associated distribution list..

Where there are large numbers of tenders the tender summary enables the reviewer to sort tenders according to price, delivery lead time or combination of factors in order to reduce the tenders down to a more manageable shortlist.To assist the tender award process other information can be obtained instantly..

Tender Track

TenderTrack provides on-line tracking of tenders. Suppliers can check the status of their tenders, if tenders have been received, opened and ultimately to whom the contract has been awarded.

Tender Analysis

TenderAnalysis enables the key parameters of the tender, such as delivery times, when electronically opened, to be automatically compared. This results in a faster tender selection process.

Audit trails are available to both suppliers and purchasing agencies. The whole service is available as a managed service.

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