ContractMAX – Contract Management Software

The current economic climate is creating a heightened level of urgency at the Boardroom level to corporate governance, risk management and formal contract management practices.  CLM Aberdeen

Market and business pressures driving this urgency include:

  • Increased pressure to reduce costs, boost profits and shareholder returns
  • Increased regulatory scrutiny and imposition of greater corporate obligations and responsibilities such as Harmonisation of OH&S legislation across Australia from 1 Jan 2012
  •  The need to protect the business and its employees from potentially expensive litigation and fines.

Set And Forget Is No Longer Acceptable Contract Management Practice.                                 

The vast majority of Australian businesses recognise and understand the need for contract management. However, few businesses have formal, centralised contract management systems in place and rely mostly on hard copy files and/or simple spreadsheets which are dispersed throughout the enterprise.

Centralised contract management systems, coupled with focused sourcing programs, are catalysts for achieving:

  • better pricing and services delivery through rationalising and consolidating the supply base
  • gain control and visibility to costs to increase savings and reducing overall expense of doing business
  • increase productivity and efficiencies with the introduction of contract risk and performance management.

The Best Practice Contract Management Solution is ContractMAXTM.  

ContractMAX provides centralised control for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) incorporating:Contracts in Pile
  • supplier compliance
  • event management
  • budgeting
  • expense management
  • corporate governance
  • risk management
  • supplier performance management.

ContractMAX provides businesses with a tool to ensure their operational needs are met by suppliers and that suppliers perform to agreed service and pricing levels.

Businesses can monitor supplier activities and automate responses including:

  • automation of contract renewals
  • supplier performance benchmarking and compliance
  • budgeting
  • cash flow planning.

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