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We offer flexible engagement arrangements and are able to tailor our service to your needs.

As a “one-stop-shop”, we are able to provide not only a team of cost management experts but we also offer best practice tools so that your business can update and upgrade its procurement policies and practices.

Generally, we our services are engaged in one or more of the following ways:

  • Purchasing Review : where you are concerned about current supplier arrangements and escalating costs and you would like to achieve more cost effective supplier outcomes. we can undertake a review of your purchasing practices and particular categories of greatest concern to you.
  • Category Outsourcing : you can outsource to us expense categories requiring expert attention due to staff shortfalls or categories which are outside the expertise of your staff. Similarly, you can engage us to help you process groups of categories in order to meet your operational requirements and deadlines.
  • Supplying Procurement Software : you may wish to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your procurement operations by upgrading to our tender management and contract management tools. These tools represent world best practice in procurement management. While they  have been design for procurement professionals, anyone with basic computing skills can work easily with these user-friendly tools.

On whichever basis you engage our services, we bring to your business high level procurement synergy so you will benefit from our professional experts and systems designed to produce significant reductions in costs on like-for-like purchases.

Terms Of Engagement – Fees

You can engage our consultancy services on either a fixed fee for service, cost sharing or contingency fee basis. Many clients prefer a contingency fee arrangement since we bear all the risks and it comes with our no savings, no fee guarantee.

Please call us for an obligation free discussion on how we can help your business significantly reduce its operations costs without risk or additional cost.