Expense Reduction Service

We are business analysts and expense reduction practitioners helping clients reach cost management goals. We work for you as if we were your cost management department – you make all the important decisions and nothing is implemented without your approval and express consent.

We offer flexible engagement arrangements and are able to tailor our service to your needs.

Our team of business analysts have consistently achieved results far beyond our client’s MP900316773expectations. These successful outcomes have been possible because each project is led by our own consultants who are experts in the industries and cost categories they review.

From experience across a broad range of industries, we know that most businesses pay too much for their everyday running costs. Our analysts identify where overspending is occurring on common business expenses using specialised analytical tools. We benchmark current supplier price and service levels against our database of market information and provide indicative data on cost savings which we consider can be achieved through a market review. We propose a plan, undertake a market review on behalf of the client and then implement the agreed expense reduction option.

But our service and commitment to you doesn’t end there. We stay the distance to ensure the new supply arrangements work and both parties meet their obligations. We put into place service level agreements (SLAs) with key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor the performance of suppliers over an agreed timeframe and rectify any service problems which arise.

Depending on the cost management solutions and options chosen by our clients, cost savings ranging from 15% – 70% have been achieved on goods and services purchases: average savings have been between 20% – 30%.  Where clients have implemented our procurement and contract management software solutions, direct and indirect efficiency gains of up 92% have been achieved.

The Procurement Professional’s Options

Running a business of any size is a challenge at the best of times – let alone during a time of global financial crisis and falling consumer confidence. Tougher regulation means more time spent ensuring your staff, subcontractors, and key suppliers do not expose you to regulatory or business risk. You need to meet profit targets using minimum resources, while integrating complex  information and processes.

No one can do everything. We often meet Procurement Professionals  who are expected to manage hundreds of procurement agreements, when realistically they can only tender, contract, monitor and replace a limited number of them each year. That leaves them three choices:

  • Concentrate on key supplies and services, and trust the remaining contracts and agreements do not contain unrecognised cost overruns or risk exposures.[short term, high risk]
  • Contract out non-core cost areas for external review, to  bring them into line with company policy and industry best practice [medium term, low risk]
  • Increase automation and productivity so more procurement areas can be reviewed and monitored. [long term, low risk]

We understand the business environment in which procurement and contract management professionals operate and are able to provide the support and expert systems you need to stay on top and ahead of the game.