About Us

Active Cost Management is a specialist expense reduction and cost management consultancy group.

Our team of Directors and Partners have over 100 years of Executive Level experience in a wide MP900316965range of industry sectors and government organisations. They have managed large organisations and know how to drive change management, cost efficiency, minimise corporate risk and maximise procurement and contractual arrangements with external suppliers.

With indepth knowledge across many industries, we are a “one-stop shop” to help you find, implement and manage opportunities to  increase your profitability and efficiency through improved contract risk management, procurement and cost management.

Our success with clients comes from a collaborative, trusting relationship with them. We strive to achieve expense reduction outcomes without disruption to a client’s normal business or imposing an additional cost burden. We offer flexible fee arrangements including our option of  “No Savings, No Fees – Guarantee”.

Building a collaborative relationship extends also to our clients’ suppliers, even though the supplier relationship is always kept at arms-length. Effective expense reduction must allow for both the client and supplier to achieve a sustainable business outcome.

We conduct our relationships with clients and suppliers with complete trust, transparency and professional integrity avoiding any conflict of interest. We deliver best practice in contract risk management and procurement, including state of the art software systems for procurement and contract management.

Almost all projects we undertake involve some degree of organisational and cultural change management to a client’s procurement and contract management. Options for changes are always presented to the client for consideration and prior approval. Proposed changes typically may be, for example, to implement less costly internal systems and processes, or a recommendation for change of suppliers or changes to how contracts are managed. Whatever changes may occur, they are implemented only on the approval of the client – our team then manages the internal and external implementation on behalf of the client

Please contact us so we can provide further information on how we can assist your business.